Power Washing

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Power Washing - Jeff Marotta Painting Inc.


Jeff Marotta Painting Inc. performs power washing services in Cape Cod.

Sometimes refinishing the outside of your home or business is as simple as hiring a professional power washer. Power washing is effective, fast and environmentally friendly. That’s because power washers don’t need expensive and potentially harmful cleaning chemicals. The lack of potentially harmful cleaning chemicals, means that there’s no risk to your personal health or the health of your lawn. It also means that those chemicals will no reach the sewer systems or contaminate the groundwater beneath your home.

This is because the high pressure of the water does all the cleaning. A high powered spray can remove all types of dirt, debris and stains. It doesn’t matter if the dirt arrived on the exterior of your home a year ago or a decade ago, the water can remove all the dirt and refresh the outside of your home.

In fact, power washing is a great alternative to painting. You might think that your home needs new paint when it merely needs cleaned. Heavy coatings of dirt can make the paint and siding on your home look dull, filthy and cracked, and it’s naturel to think it needs painted. However, we recommend getting the exterior of your home cleaned first.

Plus, you’re home’s exterior has to be cleaned and sanded before paint can be applied. This means that power washing your home is the first step in recreating a beautiful exterior, and if no further action is needed, you’ve just saved hundreds of dollars.

Of course, if your home does need painted, we can perform the work. We paint the exteriors and interiors of all types of homes and businesses, and we can repaint yours.