Furniture Repair

Jeff Marotta Painting Inc. is a furniture refinisher by trade and treats every project like a piece of furniture.

Furniture Repair - Jeff Marotta Painting Inc.


Jeff Marotta Painting Inc. performs furniture repair services.

Finding good furniture is hard and keeping it nice is even harder. We understand you’re your furniture gets a lot of wear and tear from daily use. That’s why we offer furniture repair and restoration services. Repairing and refinishing your furniture can save you hundreds of dollars over the cost of replacing it. Plus, it saves you time. When you get your furniture repaired or replaced, you don’t have to spend hours online looking for the exact furniture you want, and you don’t have to spend hours inside various furniture stores looking at prices and comparing brands and styles.

Furniture Repair

We have the tools and skills to repair all types of furniture. We can repair modern furniture, and we can repair antique furniture.

Why replace your furniture when you don’t have to? New furniture is expensive, and we believe that after you purchase certain pieces of furniture that you shouldn’t have to replace it. It’s much cheaper to repair a piece of furniture than replace it.

This is especially true of antiques. Antiques are often one-of-a-kind items that are full of ambience and provide a look and feel that’s simply not duplicable with today’s modern furnishings.

We can repair broken legs, restore finishes and repair and replace upholstery. We can also fix cracks and hardware.

Furniture Restoration

Furniture restoration can bring your furniture back to life and years and decades of wear and tear. We can refinish surfaces, hardware and upholstery on both modern furniture and on antique furniture.

We are also very careful when it comes to handling your furniture. We understand that your furniture is important to you. That’s why we take extra precautions when we are handling and refinishing your special pieces.